Jordan Has No Virtue








This is some new video from the 21st Saloon open mic (pril's jam) in Omaha, Nebraska. There's some awesome musicians there who can keep up even on songs they don't know. This particular song is kind of a special one, it's also fairly new. Poke around the YouTube some- there's a lot of stuff up there, live recordings from that scene, some of them are covers or previously unreleased material (like this).


The creative process has been going kind of slow. There was a period of about 4 months after Nebraska (where I recorded "Noise From The Basement") in which I wrote nothing and focused on doing production work for other people. One of those projects was released, the other was squashed.


Then I went to Brazil. I wrote 3 songs. One of them has been played out a couple times.One has never been played.


Basically though, I'm sitting on an album's worth at least of material that goes back 1 1/2 years, has a lot of different subject matter, and is really strong.


I'm going to try and record it this year. I was going to do a GoFundMe to try and get recording gear to do it, but I think I might just buy it, or possibly even go into an actual studio. Not sure yet how to do this, only that I need to. Expect some of it to possibly release sooner too. Anyway I wanted to update this for the few people who may still check this site that yes, I'm still out here, and yes, I'm still doing music.


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